Meaghan Edelstein

Meaghan Edelstein

Senior Social Strategist

Creating and maintaining a robust and versatile social presence is imperative if your organization hopes to achieve online and overall branding success. Emerging media drives results in diverse areas of business including, marketing,public relations, customer service, reputation management and much more!

A lack of presence on social media channels can result in a biased, one-sided perception of an organization. While organizations never entirely control online conversations, they can be aware of, participate in and influence them.

This past week Tilson PR hosted it’s second #TilsonBizChat with special guest Craig Agranoff, CBS12 Television News Contributor and author of ‘Do It Yourself Online Reputation Management: A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Or Repairing Your Online Reputation’ Agranoff shared some fantastic advice on how to build, maintain and repair online reputation. For those unable to participate we’ve put together a recap of the chat below:

Question One: What steps have you taken to manage your online reputation?

Those in attendance shared various steps they’ve taken to manage the online reputation of their business. Some of these included:

Have a Presence

  • Have a Presence

  • The first step in social media is to create a presence on the right platforms. Before you jump on any social media channel — do your research. Participate on platforms that make the most sense for your business and if your time and resources are limited, limit the number of platforms your business is active on.

  • Know the Rules

Before you start posting, tweeting and uploading, take the time to learn each platform’s terms and conditions. Every social site has different rules and unless you read all of them you could be putting yourself, and your business, at serious risk. You can check out some of the major platform’s rules below:

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