Tracy Tilson

Tracy Tilson


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Make News Like a Royal

With all news outlets focused on the new Royal Heir, the birth of Will and Kate’s new baby boy—George Alexander Louis—offers a great lesson on how to make news like a royal.  Here are five tips that any brand can take to score some media fit for his majesty:

Build BuzzBuzzFeed has become a leading source for following news and topics—with a fun, humorous and human-interest twist. But, you don’t necessarily have to rely on BuzzFeed to pick up your news. You can create your own feed by signing up for a BuzzFeed account, creating your own list and sharing it on your social channels to drive views.

Managing your message isn’t a simple task these days. Gone are the days where you simply issued a press release and hoped it got picked up verbatim.

Along with today’s digitally-driven culture and the proliferation of social sites like Twitter, managing your message is less in your control than ever before. So it’s more important than ever before that you’re maximizing what you’re saying. Frankly, it’s time you started thinking like a reporter.

Social MediaThe world of social marketing changes daily - sometimes by the hour. In fact just this month Wikipedia lists more than 200 major social media sites that today’s marketers must navigate as they develop engaging campaigns to talk to their target audience.

With new platforms, added features and a plethora of resources to monitor, tracking changes that affect your social media marketing has become a full time job in and of itself. Tilson’s social practice is fully focused on staying on top of what’s new and novel in today’s powerful and immediate digital age. For example, below are three recent “must knows” as it relates to today’s most popular social media channel: Facebook.

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