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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Social in Five

Written by  Danielle Clarke
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Whether you were taking a trip down memory lane with your personalized Facebook “Lookback” video, rejoicing at the birth of the first Jonas baby or trying your hardest to win Esurance’s $1.5 million Super Bowl giveaway, this week was full of social buzz. Check out more highlights in this week’s Social in 5.


Social News and Strategies:

Brands Cut Out Media Middleman as P&G's Dreft Tweets Exclusive News of Jonas Birth

  • P&G cut out the media middleman with a campaign that allowed the brand to be the first to announce the birth of Kevin and Danielle Jonas’ baby girl via social media to promote their new app called “Amazing Baby Days.”
  • The app allows parents to stockpile photos and other material about a pregnancy for making a digital booklet.
  • The couple allowed P&G to be the first to upload as photo of the newborn as they remained silent. This photo received 43,000 retweets in just one day.
  • Kevin and Danielle also promoted the pregnancy app via social media prior to the birth of their baby girl.

'The Walking Dead' zombies invade NYC

  • #PrankAds continue to invade the social and traditional space; this time with zombies!


7 Next Big Things In Social Media – [Infographic]

  • Increase in geo-targeted social media ads – with Twitter targeting paid tweets by zip code/location and Facebook improving its geo-fencing, we can expect to see more social networks adopting this technology and more companies targeting location-specific advertisements to consumers and potential customers.
  • Social Media is becoming a job requirement – As more companies leverage social media, more employees are becoming advocates for their companies to keep up with their industries. Social Media skills are now a “must have” among many employers, as more are becoming privy to the power of social media in business and viewing these skills as a necessary job requirement.
  • Video oriented media will continue to grow – 1 in 3 millennials watch mostly online videos and virtually no TV, not to mention YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. The ease and accessibility of video sharing coupled with more social networks adopting this medium will contribute to a big rise in video as a powerful social media vehicle.
  • Micro video apps are on the rise – Vine grew in popularity in 2013 as a pioneer of 6-second videos, influencing adoption of this technology by other networks such as Instagram. Vine’s community is expected to grow tremendously in 2014 and companies are expected to use “Vineers” as evangelists for their products. As the network grows, more companies will be jumping on the bandwagon to harness micro videos for branding.
  • Companies will face more pressure to sponsor social ads – As social networks have become vital mediums for consumers, more brands are using it along with social ads to help them connect with their target client base. Public networks are expected to face accountability by shareholders, leading to an increase in pressure on companies to put dollars behind social ads and increase their understanding of paid social marketing.
  • Increased use of brand advocates- Online-celebs are a real thing and companies are expected to increase their use of brand advocates that have claimed their fame as serious online influencers. In addition to starting conversation and providing a personal touch, the use of brand advocates is cheaper than producing/airing commercials on traditional media outlets.



Social Campaigns and Case Studies:

Late run by Esurance to snatch Superbrand Super Bowl

  • This year’s Super Bowl Final generated 24.9 million tweets, with hashtags mentioned in 57% of Super Bowl ads
  • Insurance provider Esurance Twitter feed had fewer than 10,000 followers prior to the game and in the hours following the game they increased its follower count by 710% and netted over 200,000 mentions on Twitter within one minute
  • Capitalizing on the value of social, Esurance’s decided not to advertise on television during the game. Instead, they booked the first commercial slot after the game, used it to announce a Twitter sweepstake with a prize of $1.5 million (the money saved by not advertising in-play) utilizing the hashtag #EsuranceSave30 and star John Krasinski.
  • The stunt garnered major news coverage and longevity of its Super Bowl marketing spend by giving users 36 hours to tweet their entry.

Facebook Will Soon Let You Edit Your 'Look Back' Video

  • To celebrate its 10 year anniversary Facebook created a “Look Back” video for all of their users. The video featured user’s most important Facebook moments (including most popular posts, photos with the most “Likes,” etc.)

  • Soon Facebook will be launching an “Edit” button for the video, allowing each user to create their own.

  • The original video created can act as an analytic tool for brands to look back on and determine at what types of posts were most popular, what were they doing within the company at those times and what can they do to get back to that point in which to receive greater interaction.

  • The “Edit” feature, on the other hand, will be a beneficial option for brands to highlight specific campaigns run in the past that may be recirculating in the upcoming year to promote and inform their followers.

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