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Monday, December 09, 2013

Social in Five

Written by  Jackie Guzman
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This week’s Social in Five reminds us how to make our influencers work for the brands and the company’s we support from social media metrics; new Twitter users;  global giving; preview “guides” and social storytelling.

Social News and Strategies:

No Internet? No Problem. Twitter Will Be Available Offline in Emerging Markets

  • In partnership with U2opia Mobile, Twitter is targeting customers in emerging markets to help users with a mobile phone, but no access to the Internet to access tweets.
  • The campaign is designed to enable customers in emerging markets to access Twitter via their mobile phones without requiring a data connection.
  • The technology requires customers to enter a code on their phone to access certain parts of Twitter.
  • More access = more potential Twitter users.

3 Critical Guidelines for Effectively Using Social Media Metrics

  • Always create goals before deciding tactics and metrics.
  • Use “cause” metrics to test and refine strategies and tactics.
  • Analyze “Cause” metrics but report on “effect” metrics.


8 Brands Rocking Snapchat

  • Brands are utilizing Snapchat to launch new products, offer exclusive deals and reach a much younger audience.
  • When Snapchat Stories rolled out in October 2013, it offered brands a longer-than-10 second conversation format.
  • Stories combine multiple snaps to create a replayable, linear story that stays visible for 24 hours.

Social Campaigns and Case Studies:

‘Mob City’ First TV Show To Be Broadcast Line-By-Line, Tweet-By-Tweet (In Advance) On Twitter

  • The screenplay for Mob City, a gangster noir TV show created by The Walking Dead‘s Frank Darabont for TNT, was broadcast line-by-line, and tweet-by-tweet, on the Twitter handle @MobCityTNT  before the show aired.
  • TNT wanted to create a unique story-telling experience by sharing the first episode’s screenplay specifically adapted for Twitter.
  • Just another great example on how to utilize Twitter as another storytelling platform.

How #GivingTuesday Used Social Media to Create a Global Day of Giving

  • Launched in 2012, #GivingTuesday’s main goal was to create a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season.
  • The created hashtag in the name of this campaign anticipated heavy social media advocacy.
  • Targeted non-profits as influencers due to their obvious benefit from creating this national holiday.
  • Created an easy-to-execute program with a downloadable social media kit which included Twitter ready sample tweets, complete with hashtags, statistics and facts about #GivingTuesday.


About Social in Five

The Tilson PR Social in Five is a weekly recap of social media news including tools, trends and campaigns making headlines.



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