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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Make News Like a Royal Featured

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With all news outlets focused on the new Royal Heir, the birth of Will and Kate’s new baby boy—George Alexander Louis—offers a great lesson on how to make news like a royal.  Here are five tips that any brand can take to score some media fit for his majesty:

Build BuzzBuzzFeed has become a leading source for following news and topics—with a fun, humorous and human-interest twist. But, you don’t necessarily have to rely on BuzzFeed to pick up your news. You can create your own feed by signing up for a BuzzFeed account, creating your own list and sharing it on your social channels to drive views.

Seize the Moment– Smart brands today use real-time marketing so that they can strike while the iron—or scepter—is hot. Check out this collection of ads, curated by USA Today, that showcase how a host of brands seized the day by having clever ads that were at the ready.

It’s not Mum, it’s Meme – curating news surrounding anything new and sensational, albeit a bundle of joy or a new bundled product or service, is a great way to get people talking about and evangelizing your brand. Check out these fun memes linked to the birth of the Royal Baby.

Be Relevant– Figure out a fun, likeable way to bring some relevancy to your brand. Create a survey and poll your public to gauge what people really think. Or get creative and shape your brand into something that gets people talking, a la Play-Doh. Charmin followed suit making its own play for a piece of the royal throne.

Put it in Perspective– while we all can’t be born into royalty, we do know what it means to love a child without condition. Pampers leveraged the timeliness of the royal birth and turned it into something touching so that their target could easily connect the brand to something meaningful. 

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