Social Updates: What You Need to Know
Thursday, June 27, 2013

Social Updates: What You Need to Know Featured

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Social MediaThe world of social marketing changes daily - sometimes by the hour. In fact just this month Wikipedia lists more than 200 major social media sites that today’s marketers must navigate as they develop engaging campaigns to talk to their target audience.

With new platforms, added features and a plethora of resources to monitor, tracking changes that affect your social media marketing has become a full time job in and of itself. Tilson’s social practice is fully focused on staying on top of what’s new and novel in today’s powerful and immediate digital age. For example, below are three recent “must knows” as it relates to today’s most popular social media channel: Facebook.

1.    Facebook recently launched a few additions to strengthen their social offering, most notably the ability for users to add comments to photos posted within their social feed. This new feature extends conversation directly within a users social stream, making it easier than ever to keep a conversation going.

2.    While Instagram remains an independent social platform, the fast-growing site, owned by Facebook, just launched a new video feature to compete with Twitter’s short video app, Vine. The new features allow users to shoot and share 15-second short video clips, with audio, in addition to static picture posts. The feature is catching on like wildfire. Even celebrities can’t get enough of showing off their lives through moving pictures.

3.    Lastly, are you up to speed on the latest promotional rules as mandated by the most popular social media site? Tilson often executes social promotions for our clients and we remain well versed in how to navigate promotions, contests and sweeps on Facebook. Check out the most recent rules for yourself here.


If you could use some help navigating the perpetually changing social media landscape, reach out to Tilson. We’re happy to discuss a social media audit and giving you some ideas as to how you can maximize online engagement to build your brand.


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