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Thursday, April 25, 2013

3 Platforms Every Business Should Be On

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Creating and maintaining a robust and versatile social presence is imperative if your organization hopes to achieve online and overall branding success. Emerging media drives results in diverse areas of business including, marketing,public relations, customer service, reputation management and much more!

A lack of presence on social media channels can result in a biased, one-sided perception of an organization. While organizations never entirely control online conversations, they can be aware of, participate in and influence them.

Tilson PR has identified three key platforms for organizations hoping to create an effective online presence: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

1- Facebook

Facebook has successfully maintained its title as the most popular social platformfor several years. As of April 2013 it’s reported there are 1.06 billionmonthly active users and 680 millionmobile users. With numbers like this it’s likely your target audience engages on Facebook. As a result great time and attention should be given to your business presence on this hugely popular social network. 

Simply creating a Facebook Page for your business will not be sufficient. EdgeRank and upcoming changes to the Facebook News Feed must be considered when crafting your Facebook strategy. Another key platform within Facebook is Instagram. Finding creative ways to build a community within this sub-platform can further launch your business’ Facebook success.

2- Twitter

Twitter provides a seamless way for current and potential customers to access your brand and vice versa. This popular platform aids in fast communication, simple searches and a massive community. The opportunities Twitter offers are endless. 

Tilson PR works with many brands to optimize their Twitter presence. Working with our clients, we focus on making it as easy as possible for the Twitter community to find and engage with the brand throughout the web and social world.

We’ve learned that Twitter is more than a platform to send out messages in 140 characters. Effective hashtags target the right audience, chats help establish relationships, consistency increases search engine optimization (SEO) and lists allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your industry. 

The number of people using Twitter is exciting but that can also make it difficult to stand out.  The goal for any businesses using Twitter should be to grab people’s attention and then drive them to a platform where you deliver on what you’ve promised. 

Like Facebook, Twitter has sub-platforms that, if used correctly, can further aide your business in reaching success. Recently, Tracy Tilson shared her thoughts and insight on how Twitter’s Vine can be used to catapult any business’ public relations.

3- LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest online network of professionals in the world! There are over 187 million members in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn membership is very different from that of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The focus is on professional networking, and because of this, it’s a platform that offers unique relationship opportunities. 

There are many ways to leverage LinkedIn as a business. LinkedIn’s Personal Profile allows you to highlight yourself and your role within the business. This is an opportunity to showcase the more human side of your company. Company Pagesprovide an opportunity to officially highlight your business and the services you offer. The new format encourages the use of images, job postings, insight into company culture and even products.  Finally, Groupsallow you to engage with other industry influencers, expose your business to many and search top-talent.

These three platforms offer extremely different ways to connect, engage and grow your business. Utilizing all three is essential to get the most out of social networks, and taking the next step and fusing the three uncovers even more potential.

Does your business actively engage on these platforms? If you’re looking for guidance on the best ways to leverage these platforms for your business, contact the Tilson PR team at 561-998-1995 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Meaghan Edelstein

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