Hear it through the grapeVINE? - Tips of the Trade
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hear it through the grapeVINE? - Tips of the Trade

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Twitter's Vine launched to tons of fanfare just a few short months ago, and for brands looking for quick and relevant ways to tell their story, it’s already proving to be a valuable tool. But like any new social network, brands are trying to figure out how to make Vine work for them, testing the waters to see what works—and what sticks.

For those not familiar with Vine, it’s best described as a mini-video sharing app that allows users to quickly capture and push out content via six-second video feeds. Like other leading social channels, Vine allows users to search for content using the popular hashtag feature that’s become commonplace today.

You’re probably asking yourself – what could we possible say in six seconds? The answer is: A LOT!

At Tilson we’ve seen a ton of creativity stemming from Vine. From eager job candidates pitching themselves to prospective employers and media pioneers like Rolling Stone promoting music content to brands like Urban Outfitters turning to Vine to air their new ads, brands are experimenting with Vine each and every day.

From a PR perspective, Vine has a lot of potential as well. Video pitching journalists is already taking place—and many savvy practitioners are turning to Vine as a new and more progressive alternative to the traditional press release. After all, when it comes to the pitch you’ve got 30 seconds to grab a journalists’ attention or your message will get lost.

Imagine having your head of innovation directly speak to targeted media about a new product launch or development in the pipeline, or having the ability to immediately respond to crises via short video updates that helps your brand stay in control of your master narrative. Vine can support or even supplement a traditional press release to augment your message in a refreshing way.

Because Vine is a virtual “elevator” pitch last only last six-seconds, many are struggling to figure out what they can do with such a short window for communication. So here are three tips for starters:

  1. Don’t forget the age-old adage good things come in small packages. As with all communication, give it your best college go. Put some time and energy into the videos you produce. You don’t want to push out content that looks like you threw something together without much thought.
  2. As with any media interview, think in sound bites – since Vine videos are short and sweet, don’t muddy your message by getting too creative. Stick to simple camera angles and shots. You’re not trying to win this year’s best cinematography award; you’re trying to get your message heard.
  3. In the end, it all comes back to engagement – whether you’re using Vine to preview a new product, to invite your loyal followers to an event, or to spark a movement or hashtag that gets people talking, it’s still about engagement. Don’t just push content—create opportunities to pull consumers in.

As a final takeaway, ask those responsible for your brand communications how Vine fits into your media mix. After all, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s video worth to your bottom line?

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