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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Social Media Best Practices Every Business Should Know

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Have a Presence

  • Have a Presence

  • The first step in social media is to create a presence on the right platforms. Before you jump on any social media channel — do your research. Participate on platforms that make the most sense for your business and if your time and resources are limited, limit the number of platforms your business is active on.

  • Know the Rules

Before you start posting, tweeting and uploading, take the time to learn each platform’s terms and conditions. Every social site has different rules and unless you read all of them you could be putting yourself, and your business, at serious risk. You can check out some of the major platform’s rules below:

Follow Platform Etiquette

In addition to platform rules, it would be wise to understand and follow platform etiquette. If your goal is to grow a community, build engagement and extend reach you’ll have to pay close attention to the rules of conduct on each site. What works for one does not always apply to another.  Here are few etiquette tips to get you started:

Pinterest: Always share your source and give credit when credit is due

  • Facebook: Don’t post more than twice a day
  • Twitter: Don’t use more than three hashtags in one tweet
  • Instagram: Consistently post and avoid over posting on one day
  • LinkedIn: Only request connections of those you know


This best practice should be one you’ve heard before. Listening is essential when it comes to any social strategy. Social platforms allow us to better understand the wants and needs of the consumer. Not taking advantage of this opportunity would be a big mistake. In fact, not listening could actually turn social communities against you. In today’s world people want to be heard. Take the time to listen every day on every platform and craft your content based on what your community is telling you.

Be Consistent

Once you’ve started engaging on a platform, be consistent with what and when you’re publishing. Your community is made up of people who engage with other businesses, friends and industry leaders. In order to keep their attention your engagement has to be consistent. Consider publishing a weekly column, image or coupon. Give people a reason to keep checking back. But, whatever you do, do not leave your community hanging or wondering what happened to you.

Include Visuals

Earlier this year we shared our predications for social media in 2013. One of these predictions was that imagery will be the driver.This is especially true with the rise in popularity of Pinterest and Instagram along with the latest Facebook News Feed changes that will focus primarily on images and video. It’s become imperative to rely heavily on visuals across all platforms, which means your strategy must include plenty of stunning images and engaging video.

Be An Expert or Hire One

The best piece advice we can give is to either become an expert in social media or hire someone who is. New platforms are always popping up, features and third party apps being released and other businesses upping the game with creative social strategies.

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