Twitter for Small Business
Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Twitter for Small Business

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Seocial Media CampaignsTwitter provides a plethora of opportunities for small businesses. The fast-paced, real-time social platform can be used to drive traffic, answer questions, target and grow new audiences, monitor industry relevant conversations and much more.

Starting with specific goals and objectives is the best approach to launching a business Twitter presence. Those who jump blindly onto Twitter almost always find it overwhelming, difficult and yielding minimal results. To help your business get the most out of its Twitter endeavors we’ve put together five must-follow steps.

1- Participate First:

Before you create a business account create a personal Twitter presence. Once you’ve done this engage regularly by following businesses, brands, organizations and thought leaders that interest you. Tweet daily and listen to conversations. Take the time to learn Twitter etiquette, recognize the types of tweets that stand out to you, what graphics catch your eye and what content is off putting.

There’s no better way to figure out the best way to use Twitter as a business tool than using it as a consumer first. Make your missteps with your personal account, the Twitterverse will be much more forgiving. Once you feel comfortable using Twitter you can start thinking about the next steps. Be sure to do the following with your personal account:

2- Research:

The next step to research. Before you invest resources into Tweeting make sure it’s the right platform for your business. Locate and follow similar businesses, your target market and competition. Look at the numbers and consider whether or not you’ll accomplish your goals on this platform. Types of things you should know

  • Is my target audience on Twitter
  • When are the best times to tweet
  • What content does well on Twitter
  • Do I have the time to invest
  • How will I manage this online community, e.g, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Tweet Deck


3- Set Goals:

As with any new business endeavor it’s imperative to set specific and achievable goals. Have clear objectives for Twitter with strong strategies that will help you meet them. Do you want to increase brand visibility, monitor for keywords so you can join conversations, drive traffic to your website or run customer service. It’s fine to have multiple goals but understand that your approach and implementation must be structured to help you reach all of them.

4- Measure:

In order to understand what’s working, what’s not and what changes you should make measuring must play a key role in your Twitter efforts. We suggest, at a minimum, measuring on a monthly basis. Are you moving towards your goals and objectives? Have you made progress? Here are just a few numbers we recommend you keep an eye on

  • Followers
  • Interactions, i.e., mentions, retweets, favorites
  • Link clicks
  • Website traffic

5- Seek Expert Advice:

While Twitter is certainly a platform anyone can use do NOT underestimate the investment and understanding necessary to use it as a business tool. Twitter can be a powerful platform if used correctly. At TilsonPR we have a dedicated team of social experts to help businesses of all shapes and sizes get the most out of their Twitter investment. If you’re considering Twitter as a tool for your business give us a call. We would love to help you reach Twitter success!

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Meaghan Edelstein

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