5 Social Media Predictions for 2013
Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Social Media Predictions for 2013

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Public Relations Blog2012 was an exciting year for social media! We saw a number of key changes and an abundance of growth. Facebook launched it’s hugely popular Timeline and acquired the visual platform Instagram while Google + and Pinterest joined the social media giants ranks.  LinkedIn made some big moves by overhauling their entire platform to maintain relevancy.  And, there was a significant push on several of the platforms towards paid marketing for businesses looking to enhance their presence on social platforms.

2013 is sure to bring a plethora of new and exciting changes. For those familiar with social media this should come as no surprise. New platforms materialize, strategies become more advanced and measurement abilities deepen, this is the world of social media.  Here are Tilson PR’s five key predictions for social media in 2013: 

1- Businesses Will Continue to Adopt Social at a High Rate:
Each year more and more businesses recognize the value of engaging with online communities. You’ll be hard pressed to find those once abundant voices claiming social media is simply a “fad”. Businesses of all shapes and sizes will make the leap into the ever-changing social world throughout 2013. 

In the new year we’ll see businesses adopt a more purposeful and wider approach to social media.  Specifically, we predict businesses will implement social into three key areas: marketing, customer service and public relations. Small, medium and large brands will implement highly targeted and thoughtful customer service and public relations social strategies in addition to launching creative online marketing campaigns. 

2- Social Platforms Focus on Appealing to Business will Grow
Throughout 2012 we saw major platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest launch tools focused specifically on businesses. As these social platforms continue to grow in popularity for personal use they will become more and more valuable to businesses.  It’s our prediction that 2013 will be the year social channels ramp up their business platforms by providing more targeted reporting, flashier businesses pages and, of course, more competitive advertising options. 

3- Imagery will be the Driver
Throughout the past year we saw imagery become a focal point on all of the major platforms. Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram was a clear sign social media was headed towards a strong visual focus. In September and October of last year LinkedIn launched new and improved Company Pages. These pages allow brands to highlight their presence on the platform with a 624 x 220 header, two logos and up to three different 100 x 80 product or service images. Twitter also made a shift towards the visual focus when they created headers and required all users to make the shift in November of last year.

In addition to changes, updates and enhancements we saw the popularity of imagery among end-users.  According to Instragram, over 5 million photos are uploaded to Instragram each day, with 81 comments and 575 likes per second.  Pinterest has also demonstrated the popularity of visual content. In 2012 it cracked Comscore’s list of the top 50 U.S. websites with over 25.3 million unique visitors and gained 10 million users faster than any other website tracked by Comscore. So why are people clamoring over this site? Pinterest focus on images, infographics and video, all visual content that is becoming more and more sought after.

In 2013 we will see visual content explode.  Businesses will focus on creating content with a powerful visual component. This is good news for the design world as we’ll see a push towards more professional content and less “do-it-yourself” photoshopping. We predict platforms such as Slideshare, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube will become more widely used and popular as a tool for businesses to connect with their online communities.

4- Content will become a focus
Content has always been at the center of any social media strategy.  Without it there is very little reason for anyone to engage.  With more and more businesses taking social seriously the demand for higher quality content increases.  Those searching for information, clicking, commenting, liking and sharing have lots of options. Because of this you’ll see brands ramping up their content strategies.  Higher quality content and more of it is the name of the game in 2013.

5- Valuable Engagement will be More Competitive
It is no longer enough to simply have a presence on social platforms. In 2013 businesses will need to implement clear and concise strategies for each platform they inhabit. With that in mind, you will see businesses making more selective choices rather than spreading themselves across as many channels as possible. This will lead to more valuable engagement, something online communities have been asking for.

2013 is sure to be a year full of exciting announcements, creative campaigns and competitive battles to capture attention.  While we’ll see many more businesses actively utilizing social platforms and tools the new year will also provide higher quality content which will be embraced by the online communities.


How will your businesses remain relevant in 2013?




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