Stapler of the Stars

Staplers of the Stars

Consumers today take their cues from celebrities; they want what A-Listers have. To launch Staples’ innovative new One-Touch Stapler, Tilson PR created and executed a strategic launch campaign that included the perfect mix of celebrity, charity and media conversations to bring excitement to a mundane office product—the stapler.

Launch Staples new One-Touch Stapler with great fanfare, making the mundane office product exciting during the frenetic holiday season.

Leverage celebrity/pop culture icons with an online charity auction to build a groundswell of buzz around the launch of the new One-Touch Stapler.

A star-studded event was just the push Staples needed for the holidays. There are few gifts more unglamorous than a stapler…unless it's adorned by Ringo Starr's or Orlando Bloom's autograph, that is. We successfully executed Staplers of the Stars as a unique way to promote Staples' new One-Touch stapler; celebrities in the film and TV industry as well as sports and business figures autographed the new staplers to be auctioned off at Staples' Website. Proceeds went to the charity of each star's choice. The event kicked off at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and featured actress Jennifer Love Hewitt as emcee, as well as 50 of the 140 autographed staplers.  In addition, a quirky media kit that included a mini One-Touch with a tag promoting the event and some of the celebrities involved was sent to top-tier national media. We reached out to local and national charities to tap celebrity spokespeople.


  • Our efforts raised traffic to by 22% from November to early December.
  • Our targeted, national placements included People, The Associated Press, Business Week, Rolling Stone, Fast Company, CNN, USA Today, MTV, TV Guide and more.

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