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TilsonPR Results—Successful PR Strategies and Campaigns

At TilsonPR, we stand behind proven strategies, and we know how important it is to ensure that our clients see the results of our efforts. From the challenge, to the strategy, to the execution, to the results, TilsonPR offers support, feedback, and reporting all along the way.

Using a number of different tracking and reporting tools, we can show you success not only in the increased awareness of your brand (yes, people will be talking about you) but also by the numbers: media impressions, media placements, website traffic, social media insights, and more.

Get a taste of the results, media placements, and editorial endorsements our clients have seen:

Reaching your Audience with PR

After working with big brands in the food industry, like Dunkin’ Donuts and Bonefish Grill, national brands like BJ’s, AAA, and Staples, and local luxury brands like Papalani Gelato, we’ve learned how to cater our PR strategies to vastly different and wide-ranging audiences.

Who is looking for you? How do they find you? Where can they learn more? Who is talking about you? Who is sharing you? Let TilsonPR help both identify and reach your target audience to drive growth and success.

Anticipating and Interpreting Public Relations Results

TilsonPR’s goal as a PR agency is to bring you, your business, and your brand increased awareness and serious ROI. However, public relations is about more than just reporting results. We’re here to anticipate and interpret your audience responses, gauge your needs for different PR strategies in the future, and counsel you on the best strategy for your business. Want to start talking strategy? Contact us at 561-998-1995.

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