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Public Relations Blog Now that we’ve touched on the importance of integrating influencer and advocacy programs into your PR efforts, we know what you’re probably thinking. “I love this idea, but how do I get started?”

As practitioners that have spent the last few years working with influencers we can share with confidence that it all boils down to two words: diligence and connections. Building relationships with those who have clout and connections will result in greater engagement and talk value for your brand. And the more an influencer feels emotionally connection to your brand, the more likely he/she is to share your content and spark organic buzz around your brand.

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Public Relations BlogThere has been a lot of buzz lately around the term influencer marketing within the worlds of public relations and social media. While Tilson often leads influencer strategies as part of our client programs, we often encounter the same confusions and questions from those looking to leverage the clout of influencers to make a splash for their brand. Most want to know the true definition of a brand influencer and what makes them different from a brand advocate?

The short answer ties back to the single most effective form of marketing, word of mouth. Brands should view both influencers and brand advocates as assets that evoke trust and can be instrumental in leading consumers to a call to action.

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