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Community Relations

People want to feel good. Feeling good means a lot of things to a lot of people, but it all comes down to a few simple tenets. Be good to people. Do your best. Help your community.

That’s why community relationship management is so important. It makes people feel good about your business, which in turn makes them more likely to buy your products or invest in your services. No matter what your business model, at TilsonPR, we help you plan, execute, and manage a successful community relations and outreach strategy.

Understanding Corporate Community Relations

To develop positive community relations, it’s important to have PR professionals guide you through the process. Understanding the basics of corporate community relationships begins by thinking about a cause you or someone in the company cares about. Ponder the world around you, and ask what you wish to see changed.

It feels good to help the community—working with libraries, kids, the elderly, the homeless. Our job is to guide you along the way and make sure the message you’re trying to send comes across. Your company is good. Your company is one that should be trusted. Your customers should feel good when they buy from you.

These messages are clear when professionals help you communicate them.

TilsonPR Understands Corporate Social Responsibility

We know what we’re doing, which makes us the best firm to help you communicate your good deeds to others.A great example of a client’s success is our work on the Staples for Students campaign. For this national initiative, kids donated money to provide school supplies to kids who couldn’t afford them. The program garnered enormous consumer attention. It was even featured on the morning news channel KTLA, in a segment we arranged with teen heartthrob Jake T. Austin, a celebrity participant in the Staples campaign.

We also got the word out about Staples with the Stars. In the span of just a little over a month, internet traffic for Staples increased by 22%. We made the program nationally known by placing news items about it in People, Rolling Stone, Business Week, CNN, USA Today, and others.

Understanding that making a difference in your community also makes a difference to your clients and customers is key. TilsonPR can help you harness the power that comes with effective community relations.

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