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Who We Are

A Different Public Relations Agency : TilsonPR


TilsonPR, located in Boca Raton, FL, is a team of seasoned PR practitioners that roll up our sleeves and work hard each and every day to get you the earned impressions and positive results you need to move your brand forward. We’re creative. We’re tenacious. We’re smart. And most of all, we’re your partner.


TilsonPR specializes in helping brands leverage traditional and social media to boost your bottom line. How? By merging years of experience, critical insights and daily conversations with top-tier media, bloggers and social communities to craft the right strategy and message that makes your brand story matter more.


More than a PR Firm, we’re your partner

Whether you’re launching a new product, making a major announcement, developing strategic partnerships or want to raise awareness about your business, we, in effect, become an extension of your company — a trusted partner with a proven ability to deliver.


The bottom line is that we never lose sight of just that — your bottom line. Every action we take is designed to increase your exposure to targeted markets — the companies, people and organizations that need to be aware of you and the product or service you provide.


Marketing and Public Relations Merge at TilsonPR


At TilsonPR, we believe in combining a variety of strategies—from traditional PR to the latest in social media marketing—to boost your exposure in ways that work for your business needs. Merging creative marketing ideas with our PR know-how builds your brand and brings results.


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for public relations. Some companies thrive using celebrity PR to their advantage, other companies have diverse audiences, and there our multicultural marketing skills come into play. At TilsonPR, we’re dedicated to doing what we do best, all while ensuring that it’s best for you.




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